The Exercise Science and Wellness major prepares students to develop and work in programs with either non-athletic or athletic population.

This major has the courses needed for those interested in becoming a certified strength coach, personal trainer, fitness instructor or fitness trainer, or an interest in careers in physical or occupational therapy. These positions are found in the college/university setting, private club setting, and industrial fitness and wellness centers. This major will study the effects of exercise on mental, emotional, social, spiritual, as well as the physical side of being healthy. Studying the effects of aging and stress in regard to wellness is also emphasized.

Download Exercise Science and Wellness Checksheet for required courses.

Derrick Nillissen: Exercise Science Major
derrick-nillissen“I chose the Exercise Science major because of my passion for organized sports, the human body, health and wellness, and to prepare for graduate study. My love of many sports has had a profound impact on my decision to major in Exercise Science. In addition, I have a strong interest in how the body responds and adapts to exercise. Lastly, the Exercise Science major provides great preparation for my career goal of attaining a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I plan to use my degree to become a personal trainer, as well as get into graduate school for physical therapy. Having a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science allows me to get certified at the highest level of personal training. Also, the degree provides me with the necessary requirements to get into a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.”