Christian Studies Major

The study of religion focuses on the connections that unite human beings to each other and the world. In its many forms, including sacred stories and scriptures, beliefs, rituals, institutions, ethical instructions and spiritual disciplines, religion seeks to describe the basic nature of these connections and to restore those connections that have been threatened or broken. Religion is fundamental to the way human beings live, and it shapes human history to this day.

Majoring in Christian Studies provides students with a broad understanding of the phenomenon of religion with a particular emphasis on Christianity. Courses include studies in the origin, development, and shape of modern Christianity, theories of religion and studies in world religion and philosophy.

Students completing the Christian Studies major will:

  • identify their basic values as they make decisions about vocation, civic and personal life (valuing)
  • demonstrate an ability to think analytically and multiculturally
  • practice the self-critical exchange of ideas through effective communication
  • evaluate the role of ideas, philosophies of life and religions in the human story in order to interact effectively in multicultural/multireligious contexts
  • Students will articulate and critique their own ethical values and utilize moral reasoning skills to analyze issues of societal concern.

A Christian Studies major provides a foundation for careers and/or further study in fields as diverse as ministers, law, political science, education, business, the arts, communication or any other field that requires the understanding of and cooperation with people.

Requirements for the Christian Studies major

Christian StudiesPhilosophy World Religions/Contemporary Issues

Students will need to complete the following core requirements

REL 102 Intro to Religion 3 hrs.
REL 201 Intro to Hebrew Bible 3 hrs.
REL 202 Intro to New Testament 3 hrs.
REL 302 Church History 3 hrs.
REL 305 History of Christian Thought 3 hrs.

Philosophy A: Students will need to choose 1 course from this list:

PHIL 215 Ethics for Life and Career 3 hrs.
PHIL 230 Critical Reasoning  3 hrs.

Philosophy  B: Students will need to choose 1 course from this list:

PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy 3 hrs.
PHIL 306 Philosophy of Religion 3 hrs.

Students will need to choose 3 courses from this list:

REL 150 Introduction to World Religions 3 hrs.
REL 265 War and Peace 3 hrs.
REL 300 Religion in Western Civilization 3 hrs.
REL 380 Topics 3 hrs.
Field Experience (required) 6 hrs.

Total 36 hrs.

Christian Studies Minor

Introduces students to the study of religion and provides an understanding of Christianity as it compares to other world religions.

Requirements for the Christian Studies minor

REL 102 Introduction to Religion 3 hrs.
REL 150 Introduction to World Religion 3 hrs.
REL 201/202/302/305 Bible courses or Christian studies courses 6 hrs.
Any Philosophy courses 6 hrs.

Total 18 hrs.